How Much Is Bathtub Refinishing? 

If you have a steel, fiberglass, or acrylic bathtub, you may be wondering how many bathtubs refinishing costs. The materials used in the bathtub refinishing cost around $150. They include acrylic urethane spray (which looks like paint for bathtubs) and tools, such as sandpaper and primer. These materials will vary in price depending on the size of the bathtub. 

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Cost of fiberglass bathtub 

If you are considering refinishing your fiberglass bathtub, you should be aware that the process can be expensive. A professional fiberglass bathtub refinisher may charge you anywhere from $250 to $600. The process typically involves repairing scratches, chips, and cracks. It may also include caulking. The process can be frustrating for those who are not experienced. Before hiring someone, it’s a good idea to get several estimates. This will ensure you get the best price possible. In most areas, there are several bathtubs refinishing contractors to choose from. However, prices are based on average industry costs and may vary depending on the materials used and the labor rate. 

Before hiring a fiberglass bathtub refinishing specialist, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies, equipment, and protective gear. You should also protect any surrounding areas from paint fumes. Once you’ve finished the preparation process, you can proceed with the painting process. To do this, first sand the entire bathtub thoroughly. Afterward, you should repair any cracks. Then, you can apply the primer and paint. After each coat, let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. 

Cost of acrylic bathtub 

The cost of acrylic bathtub refinishing depends on several factors, including the amount of time the project takes and the condition of the tub. While bathtubs that are in good condition should be less expensive, bathtubs that have substantial damage will require a greater amount of money for the materials and labor. For example, a tub with multiple chips will require an extra $25 for each chip. 

The process begins by cleaning the tub thoroughly. This will remove soap film, mineral deposits, and oil residue. Afterward, the new coating is applied to the tub. This gives it a smooth and shiny finish. You can also choose between several different colors for the new coating. 

Cost of refinishing steel bathtub 

If you’d like to refinish your steel bathtub, you should know the costs. You can expect to spend anywhere from $330 to $628, and this includes materials and labor. However, you can expect to spend more if your tub is badly damaged. In this case, you should consider refinishing the entire tub rather than repairing just the damaged section. 

The first step in refinishing your steel bathtub is to check the finish. The finish should be shiny and uniform so that you can easily keep it clean and hygienic. If the finish is dull, it is an indication that the top layer is worn away, making it susceptible to staining and chipping. In addition, this finish may scratch easily when cleaned vigorously. Refinishing your tub can bring it back to life. Both you and your tub will benefit from the process. 

Cost of refinishing acrylic bathtub 

If you want to refinish your acrylic bathtub, you should be aware of the costs involved. Replacing a bathtub can cost around $600 to $800, depending on the size and type of tub. However, some factors can reduce the cost. If you want a new look, you may want to consider bathtub inlays, which cover the bottom of your tub and prevent leaks. This type of repair takes around 30 minutes to complete. 

Unlike a new tub, a refinishing process does not require the use of harsh chemicals. Refinishing your tub with a liquid acrylic finish is an affordable alternative to replacing the entire tub. However, be aware that this process requires dismantling the existing tub, which may damage the floor and wall tiles and delay the repair process. Moreover, the new tub must be connected to the plumbing system, which can be an additional expense. Also, you will need specialist services to install the new tub.