Duration of FG Bathtub Reglazing

The process of reglazing a bathtub uses chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Professional reglazing companies have a proper ventilation system and make sure to clear up any overspray after the project is complete. A reglazed bathtub can last for up to 10 years if properly maintained and cared for. Contact us to learn more about bathtub refinishing in san diego

Care for a reglazed bathtub 

After having your bathtub reglazed, you’ll want to take extra care of the surface. The reglazed coating can be easily damaged by water and objects. To prevent these damages, make sure the tub is closed tightly for 48 hours after the reglazing process has been completed. You should also avoid using any abrasive cleaners or acids that can damage the finish. 

You can clean your tub with liquid soap or body wash to keep the reglazed surface in good condition. Use a gentle, natural cleaner to avoid leaving soap residue that can cause erosion and mold. When cleaning your tub, be sure to remove any standing water and remove the drain plug. If the tub is still filled with water, you can use a small-diameter clear vinyl tubing to suck the water out. 

Cost of reglazing a bathtub 

If your bathtub looks discolored and is beginning to peel off, it might be time to reglaze it. It can be a simple and inexpensive process, but some steps must be followed to avoid damage. First, your bathtub must be cleaned using a powerful cleaner. Once the bathtub has been cleaned, a professional refinisher will use an acid solution to create a rough surface. This will allow the new glaze to adhere to the tub better. The next step is to sand the surface and apply a primer or bonding agent to the surface. This will ensure that the new coating adheres perfectly to the tub. After that, acrylic urethane is applied to protect the new surface. 

The overall cost of reglazing a bathtub will vary depending on the size of the tub and how much additional work is required. The process is most expensive if your tub has significant damage. Before reglazing, it is necessary to repair any damages or chips. This will increase the overall cost of the project and will add another $70 to $150 to the final cost. 


When you have your bathtub reglazed, you can expect the new coating to last from seven to 10 years. It is important to know how to take care of the reglazed surface to make it last longer. Regular cleaning with soft scrub and bleach can help extend the life of the coating. 

A bathtub should be cleaned thoroughly before the reglazing process begins. The process can take anywhere from seven to ten days. To help make the process go as smoothly as possible, you should plan on leaving the bathroom clean and clear of clutter before your contractor arrives. Once the bathtub is clean and dry, your contractor will prepare the tub for the reglazing process. 

Problems that can occur during the reglazing of a bathtub 

Several common problems can arise during the reglazing process of a bathtub. Some of these issues can be avoided by following proper techniques. Before you start reglazing your bathtub, you must remove the existing finish. This can be done by using chemicals such as methylene chloride, a chlorinated solvent used for paint removal and degreasing. It has a sweet odor and is heavier than air, so it is hazardous for workers who do not wear respirators. According to the CDC, 14 people have died from exposure to methylene chloride, so you should be careful when working in this environment. 

Before you start reglazing your bathtub, it is important to clean and dry it thoroughly. If there are streaks, rust, or other problems, these must be addressed. If the surface of the bathtub is uneven or has any flaws, the reglazing process will not be effective. 

DIY vs professional reglazing 

There are a lot of differences between DIY reglazing and hiring a professional to do the work for you. A professional will be able to give your bathtub a brand-new look, and he will know the proper techniques to apply a high-quality finish. A professional can also refinish the bathtub, which will protect it and increase its lifespan. 

However, bathtub reglazing is a dangerous job, and a DIY job may not be as safe as hiring a professional. In addition, the process can be toxic, and you may have to leave the house for a day or two while the contractor works on it. If the job is not done correctly, you may have to buy a tub liner or replace the entire tub.