Time Required for FG Bathtub Resurfacing to Dry

If you are having your bathtub resurfaced, you might be wondering how long it takes to dry. First of all, you should know that the resurfacing process will require stripping the old bathtub. After the resurfacing process is complete, the tub must remain dry for at least 24 hours. During the curing process, you should not touch the tub with water. Contact us to learn more about bathtub refinishing san diego

Epoxy coating releases vapors 

The resurfacing process of bathtubs can produce dangerous vapors because of the application of epoxy coatings. These vapors are made of isocyanates, which are chemicals considered human carcinogens. If inhaled, the fumes can cause respiratory problems, including carbon monoxide poisoning. Because of these risks, experts recommend vacating the property during the process to avoid any exposure. 

The vapors from epoxy coatings can affect the respiratory system and can cause respiratory harm. Typical symptoms include inflammation of the throat and nose. Depending on the level of exposure, the vapors can also lead to sensitization and asthma. Even a small amount of epoxy can lead to serious health problems. 

Cut and buff technique 

Before you start the process of resurfacing a sprat bathtub, you need to clean the tub thoroughly. This is important because the sanding process can leave behind fine particles in the air. This makes it very important to wear a quality mask and respirator. Sanding the surface will also help the new coating adhere to it better. After sanding, you should clean the tub again with warm water a couple of times. Then, you can use a tack cloth to clean any residue. Some people prefer to give their tubs a second cleaning after this. 

If you want to resurface a sprat bathtub, you should first remove any existing coatings that might be on the tub. It is very important to remove any existing coatings before applying the new coating. This will prevent air bubbles from forming on the finished surface. You can use a box fan to speed up the process. 

2 to 5 hours 

If you are considering resurfacing your bathtub, you must know that it takes a full day to completely dry after refinishing. You will need to wait for the product to completely dry before caulking. During this time, you should avoid using the bathtub. After the resurfacing process, you need to avoid any vigorous scrubbing and using abrasive cleaners. 

Before the resurfacing process, you must clean the bathtub thoroughly with a tack cloth to remove all dirt and debris. You can also wear a good-quality mask while sanding. The sanding process helps the coating adhere to the surface. Once the coating has been applied, it takes between two to five hours to dry. 


Sprat bathtub resurfacing is an expensive process that requires the removal of the old bathtub. The process may also require structural repairs to the bathtub. This will add to the cost of the project, which can range from $400 to $1,200. Some bathtubs are made of thick porcelain, making it difficult to resurface them. 

If you are inexperienced with DIY projects, it is a good idea to hire a professional. While refinishing a bathtub may sound easy enough, it requires the right techniques and materials to ensure a professional result. In addition, bathtub reglazing can be hazardous, since the chemicals used in the process can damage the surface of the bathtub. 

Repairing a sprat bathtub 

First, you’ll need to remove all plumbing fixtures. Then, you’ll need to remove the sheeting, which will expose the surface of the bathtub. You’ll need a spray bottle and paintbrush to apply the resurfacing compound. Then, you’ll want to sand the repaired area to remove any high spots. You’ll also need to use a hand masker to mask the edges of the tub. 

After your refinisher has finished painting, you’ll need to allow time for the new coating to dry. Since tub resurfacing requires time for the paint to cure, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do the job. This will ensure that you get a professional job and reduce your exposure to noxious fumes. A professional will also make sure the surfaces are evened and clean, so the new coating can bond properly. This will make the bathtub last longer.