Impact of FG Tub and Tile Refinishing

Refinishing is an effective way to revitalize aging bathroom fixtures and surfaces. When it comes to refinishing services, FG Tub and Tile is a trusted name in San Diego, known for its expertise and commitment to quality. If you’re considering refinishing your tub, tiles, or other bathroom surfaces, you might wonder about the impact of the process on the texture of the treated areas. In this article, we’ll explore how FG Tub and Tile refinishing affects the texture of surfaces and what you can expect. Contact us to learn more about shower reglazing

Understanding the Refinishing Process 

Before delving into the texture changes, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the refinishing process itself. FG Tub and Tile offers a range of refinishing services, including reglazing, resurfacing, and Custom Color Refinishing. These services are designed to transform the appearance of bathroom fixtures and surfaces, making them look and feel new without the need for a costly and time-consuming replacement. 

The Impact on Texture 

The impact of refinishing on the texture of surfaces can vary depending on the type of service you choose. Here’s a closer look at how each service affects the texture: 

Reglazing and Resurfacing: 

Smooth Finish: Reglazing and resurfacing are designed to create a smooth, glossy finish on the treated surface. These processes involve applying a specialized coating that bonds with the existing surface. The result is a seamless and smooth texture that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Eliminating Imperfections: The reglazing and resurfacing process is particularly effective at eliminating imperfections and minor damage on the surface. Scratches, chips, and stains can be concealed, leaving a smooth and flawless appearance. 

Uniform Finish: These services provide a uniform finish that can make your bathroom fixtures look like they’ve just come out of the factory. The even texture enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Custom Color Refinishing: 

Customization: One of the unique aspects of custom color refinishing is the ability to choose your preferred color. The texture remains smooth and glossy, just like with reglazing and resurfacing, but with the added benefit of a personalized color that matches your style. 

Seamless Application: The custom color refinishing process involves meticulous color mixing and application. This ensures that the color is evenly applied, maintaining the smooth texture of the surface. 

Drying and Curing: After the custom color refinishing is complete, the coatings need time to dry and cure. This step is essential to achieving the desired texture and durability. 

Maintaining the Texture 

Once the refinishing process is complete, maintaining the smooth and glossy texture of the treated surface is important for the longevity and appearance of your bathroom fixtures. FG Tub and Tile provides care instructions to help you keep the texture looking its best: 

Cleaning: Regular cleaning with a non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaner is key to preserving the smooth texture. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing that can damage the finish. 

Avoiding Harsh Impact: Be cautious with heavy objects and sharp items that can potentially scratch or dent the surface. Taking care to prevent impact damage is essential. 

Careful Use: Pay attention to the type of products you use in the bathroom. Some chemicals or products, like hair dyes or certain cleaning agents, can stain or damage the finish over time. 

Sealing Grout Lines: If your project includes tile refinishing, ensure that grout lines are properly sealed to maintain an even texture and protect against moisture damage. 


FG Tub and Tile refinishing services can have a transformative impact on your bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Whether you opt for reglazing, resurfacing, or custom color refinishing, the result is a smooth and glossy texture that can make your bathroom look and feel like new. The refinishing process is designed to conceal imperfections, eliminate damage, and provide a uniform finish that enhances the aesthetics of your space.