Where to Buy Bathroom Countertops?


A wooden bathroom countertop can be both stylish and functional. They can be cut and shaped to match your bathroom and are resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and abrasions. However, you will need to hire a contractor to install these countertops. They cost about $75-150 per square foot. Also, you must regularly maintain and wax them to avoid chipping and staining. 

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Whether you are replacing a cracked, stained or otherwise damaged bathroom countertop or simply want a new design, consider Silestone bathroom countertops. The patented stone is an exceptional option that offers durability, long life and unsurpassed beauty. You’ll find a range of different colors, textures and finishes to fit any bathroom. 


If you’re planning a bathroom makeover, granite is an excellent choice. Its rich colors and unique patterns lend themselves to any design style. This natural stone also comes in a wide variety of shades, from light to dark and flecked. If you’re looking for a bold accent in your bathroom, consider black or speckled granite. 


If you want a bathroom countertop that looks like marble, you may be interested in a travertine bathroom countertop. Travertine is a very porous natural stone. It is therefore important to seal the surface to prevent liquids from soaking into it. Otherwise, your travertine countertop could be a mess to clean. 


Soapstone bathroom countertops are an affordable and beautiful option for custom bathroom countertops. They don’t stain and are non-porous, making them ideal for custom bathroom countertops. This stone is also resistant to heat. It requires weekly oiling to maintain its appearance, but it is much less expensive than granite or marble. 

Ceramic tile 

Ceramic tile is a great option for bathroom countertops. It comes in many colors, shapes, and textures. It is durable and highly resistant to water and bacterial growth. It is also relatively cheap to purchase, which makes it an attractive option for those on a budget. However, ceramic tile can be brittle and is prone to cracking. You will also have to contend with grout lines, which can spoil the aesthetic look of the finished countertop. 


Concrete bathroom countertops can add style to your bathroom and can be purchased in a variety of colors and designs. They are durable and completely customizable and can be easily cleaned. These countertops are also eco-friendly, making them a smart choice for any home.