What to Do If Bathtub Reglazing Goes Down the Drain?

If your tub is not draining properly, you may need to call a plumber to diagnose the problem. If it is not a drain blockage in the main line, you can attempt to clear the clog using a drain snake. To protect the tub stopper, wear latex gloves. Ensure that the drain is clear before you begin. If there are drips from the showerhead, use latex gloves as well. 

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Getting a plumber to assess a blockage in the main sewer line 

The main sewer line is about six inches in diameter, so it’s unlikely that a minor blockage is causing the problem. However, a blockage could be a result of a tree root growing into the pipe. Older sewer pipes can break and develop root systems, which can cause a blockage. 

Using a drain snake 

If you’re having trouble with bathtub reglazing going down the drain, you should use a drain snake to get rid of the problem. However, you should first make sure that you’re doing it properly. First, you should remove the overflow plate from the bathtub. Then, you can reach the drain through the overflow tube. Afterward, you should remove the linkage attached to the stopper mechanism. 

Cleaning a bathtub stopper 

If you’re having trouble draining your bathtub, there’s a good chance you’re having trouble with a bathtub stopper. There are several ways to clean a bathtub stopper. The first method involves cleaning out the clog by pouring boiling water down the drain. This is sometimes effective, but it can also damage your bathtub. Before using this method, you should make sure you wear gloves. If this method doesn’t work, call a plumber to diagnose the problem. 

Dealing with a clogged drain 

If you notice that your bathtub reglazing has gone down the drain, you may be wondering how to deal with the clog. There are a few solutions to this problem. One of these is to pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. The mixture should foam for about 10 to 20 minutes. Once this has worked, you can run boiling water through the drain and it should clear up the clog. 

Using baking soda and vinegar 

Using baking soda and vinegar to clean a drain is a time-honored life hack for unclogging a drain. But be aware that these substances may cause damage to pipes and should not be used in large quantities. It is advisable to dilute them first before pouring them down the drain. 

Keeping drains clear for elderly loved ones 

Clogged drains are not only unpleasant, but they can also lead to slips and falls. The extra water can make it harder to keep your footing, and if the floor is wet, it can cause an injury. Therefore, keep drains free from debris to keep elderly loved ones and children safe.