What to Do If Bathtub Reglazing Goes Down the Drain 

Having a bathtub refinishing project can look great at first, but it can also go bad years down the road. Depending on the material used, the finish can look worn and uneven. This is why professional refinishing is recommended. Often, a refinishing job costs 75% less than replacing the tub. 

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If you’ve just had your bathtub refinished, you might be wondering what to do if bathtub reglazing goes down the drain. In this case, you’ll need to clean the drain and remove any foreign materials that may have accumulated. You can also replace the bathtub’s drain stopper if it’s worn or broken. It’s important to use the right plumbing tools to do this. You may even be able to unclog it yourself. 

The most common cause of clogged bathtubs is hair. Hairs can build up over time in the drain, and can even become stuck on the sides of piping. You’ll want to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Hair can also get stuck on soap scum, which is another common cause of clogged bathtubs. 

If your bathtub is still not clogged, the best way to unclog it is to use a drain stick. The drain stick has many small hooks on it, which can catch hair and other materials that get tangled up. A paperclip can also be used instead of a drain stick, but it’s much more difficult to manage. 

You’ll also want to remove any soap scum from the tub. Using soap scum removers such as WATER SOFTENER will help get rid of soap scum. It can also help prevent soap scum from building up in the pipes.