What is Lay Down in a Bathtub to Go Over Resurfacing? 

When a bathtub is resurfaced, it can appear much different than the original. For example, a new bathtub might not have the same color as the original bathtub, or it could have a different shape. A bathtub resurfacer should know the exact shape of a bathtub, as well as the model. They should be able to make the proper mold for the bathtub liner. 

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Bonding agent 

Resurfacing a bathtub requires that the surface be prepared in order for the new coating to adhere properly. This can be achieved by abrading the surface with sandpaper or using a bonding agent. This process creates millions of microscopic pits that give the new surface a mechanical bond and firm grip. 

The resurfacing process will involve two stages: the spraying stage and the refinishing stage. In each stage, the refinishing technician will lay down a bonding agent and a topcoat. The bonding agent used by the company will vary, but generally, America Refinishing Pros will use a primer with epoxy properties and a special type of glue. The bonding agent will increase the adhesion of the topcoat, and the primer will absorb small irregularities in the surface. 


Resurfacing is a cosmetic process that can bring new life to an old bathtub. A bathtub’s surface can easily be damaged from frequent use and is a prime candidate for resurfacing. The process involves using a primer and topcoat. The primer coat is sprayed on the bottom of the bathtub, and then a topcoat is laid over it. 

The resurfacing process involves applying multiple coats of primer, which improves the adhesion of the topcoat. The primer acts as a binder for the topcoat, and it also absorbs any imperfections on the surface. The primer increases the adhesion level of the topcoat, and it also creates a solid background color. A professional refinisher will use a primer with epoxy properties to make the surface smoother. 


When resurfacing a bathtub, a new layer of coating is laid over the old one. This coating is made of a microscopically thin material. Over time, this coating will wear away and crack. However, a new bathtub liner is much more durable and will last for decades. Another advantage of a tub liner is that it creates a double layer of protection from water infiltration. 

Before resurfacing a bathtub, it is important to consider the cleanliness of the area. The bathtub needs to be free of any debris or dirt. A dirty bathtub is not hygienic for you or anyone else in your house. If the liner is not properly fitted, water will accumulate in the bathtub and contribute to the development of mold. This can cause poor indoor air quality, which can aggravate respiratory issues. 

Total replacement 

Before you can replace your bathtub, you need to remove the old drain. To remove the old drain, you need to remove the flange and stopper. To remove the stopper, you need a special tool called a tub drain wrench. Once you have removed these parts, you can lay down the new liner. 

The replacement process can be costly, so you may want to consider getting a free quote. While you can do some of the work yourself, it may be beneficial to hire a contractor to replace the tub. Some contractors will offer to reduce the fee if you do some of the work yourself, such as removing the old tub. 

DIY kits 

You can buy DIY bathtub resurfacing kits from home depots, such as Lowe’s, or from professional refinishers such as Sherwin Williams. Most kits use one-part epoxy paint. Professional coatings, by contrast, are usually acrylic polyurethane. However, the downside to epoxy is that it will tend to yellow and crack over time. In order to prevent this from happening, it is best to hire a professional refinisher. 

A TUBBY DIY bathtub resurfacing kit contains enough material to resurface an average-sized bathtub. You won’t need to worry about re-plumbing or tiling, and you can complete the project in three hours or less. Another benefit is that you’ll avoid a lot of mess. The resurfacing kit won’t require you to replace the entire bathtub, and it is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.