Choosing What Color Cabinets With Marble Countertops 

Choosing what color cabinets with marble countertops is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to a kitchen. The material is easy to care for and is ideal for a modern, higher-end look. A variety of colors are available to choose from, so there is no limit to what your countertops can be. 

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Using a neutral color palette allows your countertops to stand out, but you also want to balance the color scheme by adding warm elements to offset the coolness. The best neutrals to use are cool grays and blue whites. If you opt for a warmer neutral, you can still create a great contrast by adding rich wood cabinets. If you’re afraid of mixing your cabinets with your counters, try an off-white or a light gray. You can accessorize with gold or brass hardware. Alternatively, you can go with matte black cabinets to give your counters a warm, tone-on-tone look. 

When deciding what color cabinets with marble countertops, you should consider the type of marble you’re working with. Whether it’s marble, quartz or another natural stone, you can select your countertop and backsplash to match the style of your kitchen. If you’re going for a more traditional, farmhouse feel, a darker, more rustic granite is a great choice. You can also add some gold accents to accentuate the marble’s color. 

For a more contemporary style, you can go with a light or dark gray counter. This shade will work well with your countertops because it is a neutral color that plays well with both wood and chrome hardware. The counters will complement your other cabinets and bring out the subtle colors in your granite. You can also pair your marble counters with a backsplash made of mother-of-pearl tile or another patterned, textured material. 

You can also choose a marble that has a gray or blue undertone. This is more common in marble than other materials, as it helps your counters to stand out. For example, a marble counter in a kitchen with bright white walls will pair beautifully with a gray cabinet. Similarly, a gray countertop will match perfectly with a backsplash made of white subway tiles. You can even create a shady look by painting your countertops a muted gray. This will help the countertop stand out against the backsplash. 

A black or brown marble countertop pairs perfectly with wood cabinets. The wood’s warm tones will complement the marble’s veining. You can also go for a white cabinet that complements the veining in your marble. The kitchen in the photo below features white shaker cabinets with a honed black marble countertop. The countertops are paired with brass fixtures and a black breakfast bar. 

The color palette in this California kitchen is modern, yet the color scheme is classic. It features white cabinets and a black kitchen island. The floor is blue cement tile. In the backsplash, you’ll notice a variety of yellow hues. The backsplash was picked up by the veining in the marble counter.