How to Unscrew a Bathtub Drain?

If you’re having trouble with your bathtub drain, you may need to learn how to unscrew it. To do this, you’ll need a plug wrench in multiple sizes. Once you’ve obtained the wrench, use the larger wrench to loosen the drain counterclockwise. Alternatively, you can use a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers to loosen the drain. For extra security, you’ll need locking needle-nose pliers. Putting them over the center of the “X” will ensure that you’re not damaging the drain. 

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Remove a left-turn stopper from a bathtub drain 

A lift-turn stopper is almost identical to a push-pull stopper, except it opens and closes by turning a knob. Usually, these drain stoppers come with a set screw underneath. To remove this screw, use a small screwdriver to unscrew it. You can also use pliers or a hex key. 

If you are able to unscrew the screw cap, you can remove the lift-turn stopper from the drain. If you do not have a set screw, you will need an Allen wrench or flathead screwdriver. If the screw has stripped threads, you can remove it using upward pressure. If you do not have a set-screw, you may have a pin and channel mechanism instead. If there is no set-screw, you can turn the lift-turn stopper to the left until it aligns with the pin on the strainer. 

Remove a toe touch stopper from a bathtub drain 

To remove a toe touch stopper from dripping bathtub drains, first you should identify the locking mechanism on the stopper. It is likely a channel or a pin. Then, turn the stopper in the opposite direction until you align the bottom slot of the stopper with the pin. Once you have found the right direction, you can pull the entire stopper out. 

If you can’t locate the toe touch stopper, then you need to disassemble it. The toe touch stopper may be made of plastic, so you’ll need a screwdriver. A flat-head screwdriver will work fine. Use a screwdriver or pliers to unscrew the screw from the base of the stopper. Once the stopper is removed, you can place the new one in its place. 

Replace a pop-up stopper with a toe touch stopper 

To replace a pop-up stopper with s toe touch stopper, simply hold the top with one hand and turn anticlockwise. You may also need a screwdriver to unscrew the head. 

First, unscrew the stopper. Remove the stopper using the screws that are underneath. A flathead screwdriver will help you do this.