How To Removed Ceramic Wall Tiles?

Ceramic wall tile is popular for backsplashes and bathroom walls due to its easy-to-clean surface. They are also available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. However, they may crack or become stained with time. If this happens, you might want to remove them and replace them with new ones. Here are some tips on how to do this safely and easily without damaging the drywall underneath them: 

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Soak Up All of the Tile’s Adhesive

If you notice that there is still some adhesive left behind, take the time to soak it up. The water will soften it and help you scrape it off. This can make it easier to handle and avoid messes in the future, especially if you plan to reuse your tiles. 

Use a Chisel Instead of a Hammer

If your tiles are bonded to the wall with cement-based adhesive, a chisel is a good tool for removing them. It will take a little bit of force to break them, but you can do it slowly and cautiously. 

A chisel will also concentrate the pressure on a smaller area, making it more likely to avoid damaging surrounding tiles. You can get a chisel that is similar to an old wood chisel or a masonry “cold” chisel, both of which will work well for this task. 

Slide the chisel between the tiles and the wall, using the grout lines as guides. Once you have a few spaces between the tiles, lightly hit the end of the chisel with your hammer to apply pressure and loosen the tile from the adhesive. Repeat this in several places along the back of each tile to ensure that all of it comes off from the wall. 

Remove Glue Stains

One common problem with ceramic tile is glue stains. These stains are not just unsightly; they can also be difficult to remove. This can lead to an embarrassing mess and can damage the tile if you aren’t careful. 

First, cover the stain with acetone. This will prevent the solvent from evaporating, giving it more time to soften the glue. Once the glue has softened, you can then try scraping it off with a blade or scraping tool. 

Clean up All of the Stained Tile

If you are planning to remove your wall tile, you need to clean up all of the stained tiles as soon as possible. If you let the soiled tiles sit, they will start to dry out and may be more difficult to remove. If you don’t have a chance to wash them immediately, then you can apply some acetone to the soiled tile and allow it to soak in for a few hours. 

You should also make sure to wipe up any water or other fluids that have gotten on the tile. This will help to avoid messes in the future and will save you money. 

Wear Safety Goggles and Protective Gloves

When removing tile from a wall, it’s important to protect your eyes and hands from any sharp pieces that might fall out. This will reduce the chances of scratching or breaking items in the room and will ensure that you don’t accidentally harm your family and pets.