How To Removed Ceramic Tiles Floor?

If you are ready to replace your ceramic tile floor, you will need to remove the old tiles and prepare the subfloor. This can be a tricky job, depending on the type of tile and adhesive used, and the condition of the concrete underfloor. 

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The first step in removing ceramic tile is to empty the room. This will help to avoid damage to baseboards, cabinets, and other surfaces. It will also keep dust from spreading throughout the house. To do this, close air and heat vents and cover any windows or doors in the room. 

Next, you will need to clean the ceramic tile. This is best done with an acidic cleaner that is diluted in water. You can find this at most hardware stores. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully, since different products may vary in dilution ratios. 

You should also be aware that some types of ceramic tiles are very fragile. For this reason, it is important to consult a professional if you are unsure of the situation. 

If the ceramic tile is set directly in mortar, it can be difficult to remove. This is why it is important to start by scoring the tile with a scoring tool. This will allow you to break it up into smaller pieces that can be tapped away from the wall. 

Once you have a few of the pieces of broken tile, you can use a hammer and chisel to tap them free. This will give you a better chance of getting the rest of the tile off, and it will also help to remove the grout that holds them in place. 

When the pieces of broken tile have been removed, the rest of the ceramic tiles should be fairly easy to remove with a hammer and chisel. This is because the hammer will be striking against the tile while the chisel is wedged under it. The deeper the chisel is under the tile, the more likely it will come off in large chunks. 

During the ceramic tile removal process, it is important to use safety glasses. If you don’t wear them, you may end up with eye injuries. 

It is also essential to be cautious when working with chisels and other tools that may cause injury. When using a chisel, be very careful not to hit your face or fingers with the chisel head as it is working under the tile. 

To make the chisel work more efficiently, you can put a rubber mallet underneath it and tap it from the center outwards. This will force the chisel head into the tile from below and will also help to break the chisel loose from the tile. 

If the chisel is stuck to the tile, you can try to chip it loose by tapping it with a hammer or a cold chisel. Be very careful not to hit the tile and to keep the chisel from hitting other walls or items in the area.