How to Maintain Marble Countertops?

Acidic food 

One of the main ways to maintain the beauty of marble countertops is to avoid acidic foods. These include citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar, and coffee. Although these are common ingredients in our everyday lives, they can damage your marble countertops. To prevent this, use cutting boards or a protective sheet to avoid spills. Also, always set hot pans on trivets to protect your marble countertops. 

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Acidic foods can cause the marble to etch. Although marble is naturally acidic, these acids can easily damage the surface. To avoid damaging your marble countertops, you should always use a cutting board lined with silicone. Also, never cut directly on your marble countertops. 

Avoiding heavy objects on marble countertops 

To maintain the beauty of your marble countertop, keep heavy objects off of it. Heavy items can cause scratches and staining, and you should avoid placing them directly on top of it. If you must place heavy objects on top of marble, make sure that you use coasters or trays to prevent staining. Also, avoid using steam mop cleaners on marble countertops. 

Marble is a delicate natural stone and should not be exposed to acidic items. Acidic foods or drinks will dull the appearance of your marble countertop and are difficult to remove. To prevent etching, use an acid-free marble cleaner on your countertops. 

Resealing marble countertops 

If you want to preserve the appearance of your marble countertops, you need to reseal them regularly. This process will last for several years and requires several coats. To make sure that the sealer is properly applied, you should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. To begin, wipe the countertop down thoroughly. 

A marble sealer does not prevent stains, but it can buy you time until they settle. Moreover, it also helps protect the marble from etching, a process that occurs when acid reacts with calcium carbonate, which dulls the surface. Since marble is in constant contact with water, common substances can penetrate into the porous surface and etch the marble. 

Avoiding harsh cleaners 

In order to protect your marble countertops, you should avoid using harsh cleaners. Common household cleaners and cheap surface cleaners can harm your countertops and can ruin their beauty. A mild soap and water solution is recommended for cleaning your countertops. You should also avoid using sponges or rough cloths to wipe your marble countertops. 

Acidic foods and drinks can damage your marble countertops. To prevent this, use coasters and cutting boards to catch spills. If you must place hot pots and pans on your marble countertops, you should use a trivet.