How to Install Ceramic Tile?

Whether you are putting new tile bathroom or living room, there are specific steps you must take before you can lay it out. In fact, you will want to make sure you have the right tools and materials on hand before you begin the job. 

First, you need to remove the old tile. This can be done with a rod saw or a chisel. When removing the old tile, be sure to use safety gloves and protective eyewear. You may also want to use a razor blade scraper to scrape the old paint off the surface. 

Next, you will need to remove the old grout. If you are installing ceramic tile over existing tile, you will need to use a thin-set product. You can find this product in the flooring section of your favorite hardware store. It is made from cement and fine-grain sand. 

After you have removed the old tile, clean the floor of dust and debris. This will ensure a smooth surface. When you are ready to install your ceramic tile, use a level to check the surface’s level. If it is uneven, you will need to re-level it. 

Once you have cleaned and sanded the surface, you will need to lay down a layer of floor leveler. This product is made to level the surface when you are installing ceramic tile. Having a level will also ensure that the tile and grout lines are level. 

Next, spread the thinset mortar on the floor using a trowel. It should be spread in an area that is closest to the wall. Once you have spread it, you should create a scraping sound with your trowel. This will allow air to escape and allow the thinset to set. You should let the mortar set for at least 24 hours before you begin to lay the tile. 

Next, you will want to lay down a line of tile parallel to the wall. This will make your job look more even. However, it is not recommended to lay tile in areas that are moist. If you do have to place tile in wet areas, you can place a damp sponge on the tile’s surface to wipe the mortar off. You can also use a rubber mallet to ensure that the tile is level. 

Once you have laid out all of the tile, you can begin laying out the border pieces. These pieces should be placed on a plywood guide. The guide should be about half an inch thick. You can use a straightedge or a plywood template as a guide. You can also use a cardboard template if you have an inset cut. 

If you need to trim tile, you will want to use a nipper. You can also use a manual snap cutter to make straight cuts. If you are using a nipper, make sure to cut the tile close to the edge. You can also use a ruler to draw a line across the tile. You can then use a tile cutter to cut out the tile.