How to Fix Cracked Ceramic Tile? 

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular types of flooring and backsplash tiles due to their durability and easy care. However, they can be easily damaged if they’re exposed to heavy items or are placed under high stress. 

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Whether it’s a hairline crack or a larger chip, there are a number of ways to fix cracked ceramic tile. While a small chip is often relatively simple and inexpensive, large cracks may require replacing the tile entirely. 

The first step to fixing a cracked tile is to clean the area thoroughly. This is important because it helps prevent dirt and debris from getting into the crack when you apply epoxy. Using a thin scrub brush, clean the tile and any dirt or debris in the crack with a mild soap and water solution. 

Once the crack is cleaned, apply epoxy to it in thin layers. Leave it to set for an hour or so, then paint over it with a paint that matches the color of your tile. 

You can also use touch-up paint to repair smaller cracks or chips. Choose a water-based paint that matches the color of your tile, or buy a ceramic tile touch-up paint. 

If you have a lot of cracks or chips, you can use a grout float to fill them in. This process is fairly straightforward and will make your floor look great again. 

Alternatively, you can use epoxy putty to fill the cracks and chipped areas. It’s easy to find at any home improvement store and can be used to repair most cracks or chips in tile. 

This can be especially useful for chips in grout lines because it allows you to repair a crack while also covering up any sanding marks made by the sandpaper. 

Another option is to use an epoxy putty to repair the broken tile and then paint over it. This will also cover up any sanding marks and will ensure that the repair matches the rest of your tile. 

It is best to avoid using water-based epoxy on a glazed tile because it can cause cracks to show through. You can also use a touch-up epoxy that is clear and not colored, or you can get paint that matches the color of your tile to blend in with it. 

If you decide to go the epoxy route, you’ll need to apply several thin coats of it until the crack has filled in. You’ll need to wait about an hour or so for the epoxy to set before painting over it with a paint that matches your ceramic tile. 

You can then seal it with a water-based urethane, which will help to protect the epoxy from moisture and keep the crack from showing through. This is an inexpensive way to get a professional-looking repair job done on your own. 

Once your repair is complete, you can enjoy your new look! You can even add a decorative border around the repaired cracks. This will give you a little more customization and a finished look to your tile that you can be proud of!