How to Drill Porcelain Tile Correctly? 

Drilling porcelain tile can be a daunting task. It’s not only difficult to drill through, but it requires an accurate drill and the correct tools to do so. You should also be aware of some common errors that can result in broken tiles and other damage. Follow these tips to make your drilling experience a safe one. 

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The first step to drilling porcelain tile is to find the right drill bit. This can vary depending on the size of the hole you want to drill. For example, a drill bit that’s 10mm or less in diameter will be able to get through most porcelain tile. However, if you’re looking to make a larger hole, you’ll need to use mineral oil or a lubricant. If you’re planning on drilling multiple holes, you may need to swap your drill bit over from time to time. 

You should also use the proper angle when drilling. Using an angle drill allows you to achieve a faster and smoother drilling process. When using an angle drill, you’ll need to be careful not to overextend the bit. In addition, you’ll need to be careful not too push the bit too far down into the tile. 

A diamond tipped drill bit is ideal for drilling through porcelain tile. These types of drill bits have a diamond tip that generates a lot of heat. They also come with water containment pieces that keep the drill cool. Keeping the drill bit cool can help prevent cracking. 

Another important item to have when drilling through porcelain is a spirit level. This can help ensure that your holes are square and level. Also, you should wear safety goggles. Wearing these will protect your eyes from dust, debris, and other hazards. 

A drill guide will increase accuracy when drilling. Some are even attached to the tile surface. To use a drill guide, mark the desired area on the tile with masking tape. Tape the drill guide on the correct side of the tile to keep the piece from slipping out. Afterwards, set your drill to a low speed. 

Taking the time to do things properly will result in a more durable and aesthetically pleasing finished project. Besides, using a spirit level will ensure that your holes are straight and level. 

While it’s possible to drill through a porcelain tile using a hammer drill, it can be a messy and difficult task. Therefore, you’ll want to invest in a professional drilling machine. Moreover, you should be aware that a hammer drill will slow down as it moves closer to the edge of the tile. This could result in cracked and broken tile, as well as an uneven hole. 

Other than these tips, you should remember that patience is essential when drilling through porcelain tile. Make sure that you use the right tools and follow the above tips for a successful project. Otherwise, you might end up with a damaged tile and a frustrated homeowner.