How To Cut Ceramic Tiles That Is Already Installed?

Ceramic tile is a hard, durable covering for floors and walls. When installed properly, the tiles can last for decades. But sometimes they need to be cut to fit around pipes, vents, or drains. When that happens, you can use tools like a drill with a diamond-edged hole saw bit to make the necessary cuts. 

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How to Cut Ceramic Tile That is Already Installed?

Before you can cut ceramic tile that’s already installed, you need to take some time to prepare it. This process will help you save time in the long run and ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. 

The first step is to measure the area you want to cut in the tile. Then, mark the outlines of the cuts with a pencil or masking tape. Using masking tape is recommended as it’s less likely to damage the surface of the tile. 

Next, you’ll need a square and a glass cutter. Place the square slightly off-center from the outlined mark and score the tile on that line with a glass cutter to ensure that you get a clean cut. Finally, put a wire clothes hanger under the tile to hold it in place while you work. 

How to Cut Ceramic Tile That Is Already Installed With An Angle Grinder?

If you’re not comfortable with a saw, an angle grinder can be a good option for making curved or rounded cuts in ceramic tiles. An angled grinder is similar to a wet saw, but it’s less powerful and requires less skill and setup. It also doesn’t work as well for cutting larger tiles, so it’s best used for smaller projects. 

With an angle grinder, you can make straight or rounded cuts in ceramic and porcelain tiles. You can use either a carbide-tipped blade for cutting softer tiles or a diamond-tipped blade for harder ones. 

Once the desired cut shape is marked, position the angled grinder so that it can be held vertically for straight cuts or horizontally for rounded cuts. If you’re cutting a rectangular tile, score it on the back before inserting it into the tool. Then, cut the tile with deep and shallow passes until you’re cleanly through it. 

Afterward, use your rubbing stone or sandpaper to smooth the edges of your cut. Depending on the type of tile, you’ll probably need to make some additional passes with your angle grinder before you’re finished. 

A hacksaw is another tool you can use to cut ceramic tile that’s already installed. However, it isn’t the ideal tool for this job, because it can be difficult to make clean cuts and it can snag the surface of the tile. It can also leave a lot of dust behind, so it’s important to wear protective glasses and a mask when you use it. You can rent or buy a hacksaw at your local home improvement store.