How to Cut Ceramic Tile That is Already Installed?

If you’re wondering how to cut ceramic tile that’s already installed, you’ve come to the right place. You can use glass cutters, Angle grinders, and carbide-tipped pencils. You can also use manual tile cutters. To cut ceramic tile, you’ll need to guide the blade. Don’t look away from the blade while cutting. It’s also important to keep your hands away from the blade. It’s also helpful to push the tile through the blade with a scrap piece of wood. 

Angle grinders 

An angle grinder is a versatile tool for cutting ceramic tile. It can score the surface to remove large, easy cuts. It can also break large, complex cuts into smaller, easier trims. Before cutting a tile, you should mark the tile layout lines. The cutout should be slightly smaller than the final product. Next, you should trim the tile edge to fit the cutout. 

Glass cutters 

When cutting glass tile, it’s important to have a sharp glass cutter or tile nippers. These tools are small tools with a metal cutting wheel. The first step is to line up the tiles on a flat surface. If the tiles are already installed, you can use a square ruler as a guide. You want the line to be slightly off the line, but not more than a quarter of an inch. Once you have marked the area, you can place the glass cutter or tile nippers along that line. 

Carbide-tipped pencils 

There are many types of tile cutters for ceramic. These can cut ceramic tile that is already in place without damaging it. Carbide-tipped pencils are a good choice because they are inexpensive and easy to use. A speed square is also a great tool to use as a guide. You can use a carbide-tipped pencil to score a tile several times before cutting it. After scoring, use a rubbing stone to remove the rough edges. 

Manual tile cutters 

Manual tile cutters for already installed ceramic tile are available in a variety of styles. Some are small, making them perfect for narrow spaces. Others are made for mosaics or smaller ceramic tiles. They can be used to lay small tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. 


Plunge-cuts for cutting ceramic tiles already installed are a great way to save time on a project, but they are also a bit more difficult to make a straight cut. These cuts require a slow, steady motion, and the right technique. Ensure that the cutting blade is cool and works deep into the tile body. You can use a diamond core bit to make this kind of cut, and you should use a drill bit that is designed to penetrate the porcelain. Make sure to drill a hole in the center or corner of the tile before you start to cut the shape. Using water as a coolant will help you prevent the bit from becoming damaged. 

Using an oscillating tool 

If you’re trying to cut ceramic tile that has been installed before, you can try using an oscillating tool to do the job. The oscillating tool uses vibrations to cut the tile, and it will work best if it’s equipped with the correct attachment. But be sure to wear safety gear while cutting the tile, and never put your fingers inside the tile.