How Much Do Marble Countertops Cost? 

You may want to purchase marble countertops for your kitchen, bathroom or foyer. If you’re considering this option, you need to make sure you know what to expect. While marble counters are durable, you’ll need to keep them maintained on a regular basis. You also need to consider the price of installation. 

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Marble countertop costs can vary dramatically depending on the type of marble and the size of the area to be covered. If you have a smaller room, you can choose cheaper tiles. However, if you need a more substantial countertop, you’ll need to invest in slabs. Typically, slabs range from two to five centimeters in thickness. The higher the thickness, the more expensive the material. 

The color of the marble can also influence the cost of the countertop. You can find white, gray, brown, black, pink, purple, and blue marble in the market. The more rare the color, the more expensive it will be. It is best to have physical samples of the stone to determine the exact color and quality before you buy. 

Other factors that affect the price of a marble countertop are the size of the job, the materials needed, and the labor required. The labor prices for the project will depend on the city in which the job is located. Generally, cities with higher costs of living will have higher labor rates. The more complex the job, the higher the cost. Having a master craftsman or professional do the work will add to the cost. 

Choosing a marble with a honed finish can increase the cost. This type of finish creates a matte, velvety texture. It can also hide scratches better. You can opt for a leather finish if you like the look. These types of finishes usually cost $20 to $30 per square foot. 

Another way to cut down on the cost of a marble countertop is to choose a less expensive, but higher-quality, alternative. You can try buying a look-alike stone or a tile that mimics marble. These are less expensive, but they don’t look as natural. 

You’ll have to spend more for marble that has significant flaws, such as large cracks. However, these imperfections can be a sign of high-quality marble, and can make the product more beautiful. You’ll also have to hire a professional to repair the damage. This can add up to $200 to $500 for labor and materials. 

The final cost of a marble countertop will also depend on the type of edge style you want. Marble countertops come with various edge profiles, including rounded, beveled, and bullnose. The edges have a polished, glued, or honed finish. Having a glued edge can add an additional $20 to $40 to the cost of the entire project. 

If you need a repair kit for a damaged countertop, you can buy one at a hardware store. The kit usually costs around $40. If you need a professional to install your countertop, you can pay between $75 and $600.