How Much Are Marble Countertops? 

If you are considering installing marble countertops in your home, you probably want to know how much these beautiful stones will cost. However, there are many variables to consider when comparing marble prices. If you want a truly stunning countertop, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $100 to $880. That’s because marble can range in price depending on the type of flaws that it has. 

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Cost of cultured marble 

Cultured marble kitchen countertops can be expensive. Some marbles have minor flaws that don’t affect the appearance of the countertop. Others have large cracks or dark veining. No matter what type of marble you decide on, it can vary greatly in price. Installation costs are also subject to a wide range depending on the size and complexity of the job. 

The cost of cultured marble countertops is considerably lower than the price of natural quarried marble. As it is made from crushed and ground marble dust, it is less expensive than the natural product. In addition, cultured marble is completely non-porous and requires far less sealing and maintenance. 

Cost of statuario marble 

Statuario marble is a type of Italian marble that is rare and valuable. Its gold and gray veins create intricate patterns that reflect light. However, this stone can be expensive, costing about $50 per square foot. For these reasons, Statuario marble is typically used for countertops and backsplashes. 

The price for Statuario marble countertops depends on the type and quality of the marble. Some are cheaper than others, while others have more unique veining. Some of the most common varieties are Crema Marfil and Carrara. 

Cost of danby marble 

Danby marble is a popular choice for countertops, but you should know that it is not cheap. You should expect to spend about $80 per square foot for a ten-foot-long countertop. It has a dense surface and lighter gray or gold veins. It is more expensive than Italian marble, but is environmentally friendly and less porous than imported marble. 

You should also consider the price of edge treatments. Some edges are included in the cost of the worktop, but others will cost you an additional $10 to $12 per square foot. Beveled edges, half and full bullnose edges, and decorative French bay edges are available at an additional cost. 

Cost of pink marble 

When considering the cost of installing pink marble countertops, you should consider the material’s maintenance requirements. While marble is extremely beautiful, the material requires an ongoing investment of time and money. Compared to other materials, marble is also more expensive than most. The upkeep of this material can be difficult for people who do not have time to dedicate to the project. 

Pink marble countertops aren’t as expensive as other types of marble. However, you should keep in mind that this type of stone isn’t true marble. While this marble is not entirely porous, it does require a sealant to maintain its anti-staining properties. Depending on the type of pink marble, you may need to spend additional money on sealing.