How Long Does Bathtub Refinishing Last? 

When you have your bathtub refinished, you might wonder how long the new glaze will last. The answer depends on several factors, including the type of refinishing agent and the level of craftsmanship that is employed. However, bathtub refinishing done professionally can last for many years. Some bathtub refinishing companies even provide a warranty, usually five or ten years. Professional bathtub refinishing services also use a permanent coating that can last for 20 years or more. 

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Cost of bathtub refinishing 

Bathtub refinishing is a process that improves the appearance of a bathtub. The process involves stripping off the old coating and enamel. The leftover coating is dissolved with an acid and a new coating is applied. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures for the new coating. 

Refinishing a tub can cost anywhere from $300 to $700. Prices vary depending on the type of bathtub you have. A steel tub will cost more than a porcelain tub. A fiberglass tub can be refinished for around $250. A clawfoot porcelain tub can cost up to $2,500. 

Refinishing is an excellent option for homeowners who want to update the look of their bathroom without replacing the tub completely. It is a much cheaper option than a full bathroom renovation. This process will give your bathroom a fresh new look and improve its longevity. It will also save you time, money, and energy. 

Time required for refinishing 

Refinishing a bathtub involves stripping the old finish and applying a new one. The new finish will have a smooth surface, and a professional technician will fill in any holes and damage with a patching product. After this product dries, the professional technician will apply a primer, coating, and sealant. The entire process takes anywhere from one to three days. 

Preparing the bathtub for refinishing begins with the surface preparation process. This step is important because it can be easy to mess up the surface and cause the glaze to fail to adhere properly. Before you begin, remove the caulk from around the bathtub and any hardware. Wash the surface and scrub off any hard water deposits and soap scum. 

Refinishing a bathtub can be a do-it-yourself project if you’re skilled and have the time. However, it’s important to follow a few steps to avoid a disaster. The first step is to remove any old finish and ensure that the new finish will last as long as possible. This step will add about an hour to the project. 

Common problems with refinishing 

There are many problems that can occur during bathtub refinishing. For instance, bubbles can appear on the surface, due to air trapped between layers of coating. This can happen when the refinisher does not remove the old finish or mix the solvents correctly. If the old finish is not properly removed, the new one will not bond properly to the substrate. This will cause bubbles in the surface and premature coating failure. 

Another common problem is if the worker does not apply several layers of coating. Sometimes, a worker doesn’t allow the mix to dry properly, and it ends up looking tacky. This is why it is recommended that you hire a professional bathtub refinishing company. This will help you avoid common problems and ensure that your tub will look great.