How Bad is the Smell After Resurfacing a Bathtub? 

When considering the resurfacing of your bathtub, there are several factors that you should know. These include the costs, the time needed, and the overall effectiveness of the process. Read on to learn more. Also, keep in mind the following tips: First, make sure that the bathtub is completely dry. Second, don’t use aggressive scrubbing or abrasive cleaners on the resurfaced bathtub. 

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Questions to ask before resurfacing a bathtub 

When you are thinking about resurfacing your bathtub, there are some things you should know before you get started. One of the most important considerations to make is the length of the process. The average bathtub resurfacing will take about three hours. However, if you need to remove the old finish and make major repairs, the time may increase. In some cases, the project can take two days. 

Some companies charge extra for re-caulking, and you should be sure to inquire how much this service costs before you sign a contract with them. Make sure that the service provider will provide you with a quote without any hidden costs. Also, check out their warranty. A good company should provide you with a guarantee before starting the work. 

Cost of resurfacing a bathtub 

Resurfacing a bathtub or tile can add a new look to a bathroom. However, it can be costly, depending on the material and size of the bathtub. For instance, porcelain tubs will cost more than fiberglass ones. Whether you decide to resurface your tub yourself or hire a professional is up to you. 

Resurfacing a bathtub involves extensive prep work, including cutting up the old tub and removing the old bathtub materials. Then, you must pay for the labor to resurface the tub. You may need to budget up to $1,500 for labor costs. 

Time it takes to resurface a bathtub 

If your tub is showing signs of deterioration and discoloration, bathtub resurfacing may be the perfect solution for you. The process typically takes a few hours and begins with thorough preparation. After deep cleaning and an acid wash, a bonding agent is applied to the tub surfaces. Then, an advanced product is applied to give it a fresh, new look. 

The resurfacing process can create toxic fumes, so it is important to use proper ventilation. A portable exhaust ventilation system can be rented for a day or purchased for around $200. Respirator masks are also included with many DIY kits. 

Efficacy of resurfacing a bathtub 

Resurfacing a bathtub is an inexpensive way to eliminate odors, and the cost of resurfacing is often lower than the cost of replacing the tub. The replacement price includes the cost of removing and disposing of the old tub, as well as materials and labor. However, the process can reveal unexpected problems such as rotted walls and mold growth.